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Q2 2019

Nintendo Switch


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Xevorel, the devil itself, unleashed its armies upon this world. As the villagers run scared and the countryside turns into a warzone, there seems to be little hope for humanity.
Yet, from the darkness, a hero comes forth!

The defenseless people of Xevorel need you! Choose your character, leave the village and venture into the dungeons. It's time for the warrior within you to prove their mettle! Explore each chamber, collect unique equipment, choose which skills to improve, prepare yourself, and finally challenge Xevorel's generals.

It won't be an easy task, but only you can save the world!


Xevorel was born way back in 2017, a figment of Maurizio Pastore's imagination. The artist and game designer wanted to build a rogue-lite action-RPG that drew from classics such as Baldur's Gate, Ghosts&Goblins, and Golden Axe - but without much of the over-complicated mechanics typical of those titles. Work on Xevorel began shortly aftewards.

When, in late 2017, Maurizio met programmer Nicola Riva during that year's edition of the Milan Games Week, the duo decided to pool their resources together and eventually founded Amberaxe - the studio whose website you're currently visiting. Work on Xevorel continued feverishly for the next couple of years, allowing the team to shape their vision into the pixel-art world that it is today.

Xevorel is currently in open-beta and the staff at Amberaxe is working alongside the game's fan-base to iron out any issues and produce a truly unique experience. If you want to contribute to the testing, head to the bottom of this page and download our latest builds for either Android phones or PC!


  • Multiple characters to choose from, each with its own unique play-style!
  • A dynamic combat system that rewards quick-thinking!
  • Epic items to equip and skills to unlock!
  • Plenty of levels to explore and enemies to slay!
  • Entirely made in pixel-art, with beautiful levels and crispy backgrounds!


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Awards & Recognition

  • "There's nothing here yet... but things will change soon!"

Selected Articles

  • ""Good dynamics that could grant the game some success within the mobile gaming market!" (Translated)"
    - Diego De Angelis, everyeye.it
  • ""Amberaxe is crafting a gem in the world of RPGs" (Translated)"
    - Ecleto Mucciacciuoli, gamesvillage.it
  • ""A modern reinterpretation of the action-RPG genre" (Translated)"
    - Marcello Portolan, projectnerd.it

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Android Beta Build
Are you interested in seeing what Xevorel can do on mobile? Download our latest Android build here.

PC Beta Build
More of a computer kind of person? We are also working on a PC build. Contact us to know more!


Amberaxe is a small indie games studio focused on creating fun; unique experiences. A group of seasoned professionals in the fields of graphic design, programming and storytelling, our team strives to give life to intriguing, amusing, and highly technical independent titles!

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