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What Is Amberaxe?


Amberaxe was born in late 2017, shortly after artist Maurizio Pastore and programmer Nicola Riva first met during that year’s edition of the Milan Games Week. The newly-formed duo immediately hit it off and started exchanging ideas, some of which would eventually lead to Xevorel – the studio’s biggest project to date.

The development of Xevorel started in January 2018 and has continued ever since. Albeit still in beta, the action-RPG quickly attracted the attention of several thousand followers on social media and was featured at several high-level industry events both in Italy and abroad; including the latest edition of the Milan Games Week – Italy’s biggest video-games conference – and the 2019 edition of GamesCom in Cologne, Germany.

In August 2019, Amberaxe further expanded to include former interactive entertainment reporter Alessandro Cossidente, who’s currently heading the studio’s public relations department.

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Xevorel, the devil itself, unleashed its armies upon this world! As the villagers run scared and the countryside turns into a warzone, there seems to be little hope for humanity. Yet, from the darkness, a hero comes forth! Choose your character, leave the village and venture into the dungeons. It won’t be an easy task, but only you can save the world!

Meet The Team

Maurizio Pastore

Technical Artist/Game Designer

After honing his skills as a member of the Italian game-dev supergroup Milestone SRL, Maurizio co-founded Amberaxe in 2017, when the studio’s first title Xevorel was still nothing but a figment of his imagination.

If you lose yourself in one of our titles’ beautifully crafted environments or can’t help but stare in awe at the world that encloses the levels you’re playing, don’t forget to thank him!

Nicola Riva


An IT/Software engineer who spends most of his time exploring the full potential of Virtual Reality and spatial audio, Nicola is the other co-founder that gave birth to Amberaxe.

Like a skilled mechanic on a race track, Nicola handles the engine and makes sure everything is working as it should. All of Amberaxe’s games simply wouldn’t exist without him!

Alessandro Cossidente

PR/Marketing Manager

A former interactive entertainment reporter, freelance content designer, and B2B copywriter, Alessandro joined Amberaxe in 2019 to handle the studio’s communication and marketing strategies.

Whether you’re in line to try one of our games at an event, want to get a press copy or have simply sent us an email to get in touch, he’s likely the man you’ll end up talking to! 

arianna zucconelli featured photo

Arianna Zucconelli

Photography/Events Manager

The youngest member of our group, Arianna is in charge of Amberaxe’s appearance. She is the bright mind behind all of the pictures and video that end up on our social channels.

Arianna also handles the practical aspects of Amberaxe’s marketing campaigns, ensuring that everything goes according to plan as the studio tour the world!

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